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Pinsetters VIA MC2
Automatic Pinsetter
Automatic Pinsetter

The VIA MC2™ takes the world’s brightest and most popular pinsetter design and adds superior materials, together with the advantages of advanced Process-Logic Control and Hyponic™ drive technology to create the best pinsetters in the indusrty.
Advanced safety features are another area where the MC2 is ahead of the game. With numerous mechanical guards, and electrical and software controlled safety features built-in, the MC2 is designed to be the most safery-conscious pinsetter in the industry. Advanced safety means a safe workplace, and can mean less liability and insurance costs to you.
Finally, the MC2 has been built to be inexpensive and convenient to service and maintain. With VIA as a permanent source for low-cost replacement parts, the MC2 also benefits from a large degree of parts interchange ability with the world’s best-selling pinsetter format.


Cost Savings

Advanced PLC Control Super Warranty

Low VIA Purchase Price
Low VIA Parts Replacement Price


Advantages of the VIA MC2:

ISO, ABC/WIBC Certified.
Low purchase cost.
Extensive factory testing prior to shipment
Designed to accommodate either “PBL” style or VIA Fas Trak™ ball return.
Assembled with rugged “original-style”parts, including heavy duty sand-cast aluminum deck.
The best standard warranty in the industry.
With VIA replacement parts, the lowest maintenance cost in the industry.
Advanced process logic control(PLC) technology---usually found in high-end precision industrial applicatios---to guarantee reliable operation under adverse electrical enviroments.

The VIA FasTrak™ Lane Level Ball Return

The patented Fastrak™ ball return machine represents a radical technological advance over competing products. In addition to providing one of the fastest ball-return times in the industry, the FasTrak™ unit:
+Has a minimum number of parts and service elements.
+Can be easily extricated from the pinsetter for cleaning and service.
+Provides easy access to the return track head and pinsetter ball door areas for easy service of these areas as well.
For bowling centers that prefer a traditional style ball return, or where lane-level ball return is impractical, a "PBL" style ball-return unit is also available as standard accessory equipment for the VIA MC2™ pinsetter.